Customer Tracking: Detailed Real-Time and Archived Info

Get The Detailed Tracking Information You Need

See Your Audience Size

You can know review — at any moment — how many viewers are watching (or have watched) any of your files or events. Use this feedback to gauge the popularity and viability of your content.

Geographic Tracking

Track your audience on a global level. View density by region, chart percentages by country and view numbers on a per state level for US traffic.

We have been testing it all morning and it's great. We appreciate all the testing you did to help us get this working.
— Peavey Electronics

Watch Average Play Time

Track how long viewers actually watch or listen to each file. Valuable information that will let you refine your content to get the most viewership.

Sort And Drill-Down Into Stats

Need to look at the stats on a single clip, track activity over a specific date range, or see the most requested clips? These and other details are just a click away.


Our webcasts always sounded great, we never had complaints from listeners, and your technical support was prompt and helpful.
— John Strong
Portland Timbers Broadcast Network

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