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What our customers have to say about us

"I wanted to thank AVWeb's tech support, particularly Dustin, for help with getting University of Baltimore set up. Dustin was very flexible in working with me and our vendor. Everytime we've needed assistance from your tech support, we've gotten great service, and this was no exception. Thanks again."

— Michael Johnson
Senior Media Specialist

"Thanks so much! We have been back on the air for 11 hours now, and it really feels great!."

— Chris Roberts
On-Line Radio

"Your connection is fast, and you have been very helpful."

— Stacey Krejci
U of Illinois

Wow. I needed video hosting quick and in a hurry. I'm lucky: AudioVideoWeb is really great!
— NJ Transit

"We have been testing it all morning and it's great. We appreciate all the testing you did to help us get this working."

— Peavey Electronics

"Wow. I needed video hosting quick and in a hurry. I tried AudioVideoWeb as a shot in the dark. Either I'm real lucky or AudioVideoWeb is really great or probably both! Great service!
Thanks Jane and Tech Support!"

— NJ Transit

"Our deepest thanks go out to all of you at It went flawlessly! Technically it was perfect. Not one customer complaint, not a moment of "dead air"."

— Accu Stats

"Our webcasts always sounded great, we never had complaints from listeners, and your technical support was prompt and helpful. Thanks for everything this year."

— John Strong
Portland Timbers Broadcast Network

"I'm very pleased with the ease-of-use and instant availability of your service."

— George Treusch, a producer at Netcisive

"Your input was definitely a big help. Much appreciated."

— Al at Channel One Media says

Your connection is fast, and you have been very helpful.
— Stacey Krejci
U of Illinois

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