AudioVideoweb - Simplified Live and Archived Information

Simplified Live and Archived Account Information

Wow. I needed video hosting quick and in a hurry. I'm lucky: AudioVideoWeb is really great!
— NJ Transit

Annual Accounts

With annual accounts, you pay one fee for the entire year and can utilize the server space and bandwidth as you like. No monthly limits on usage. This is great if you have multiple events in one month and less in another. Create as many publishing points as needed, enabling the ability to run multiple live events simultaneously. All services are included with unlimited bandwidth usage, up to the yearly amount on your account. If you exceed the bandwidth level on your yearly account, we offer extremely inexpensive options including bulk rates or a pay as you go option. Any new technology added to the AudioVideoweb suite of services will be added and available to your account at no extra charge.

Monthly Accounts

With monthly accounts, you pay for your first month, and can utilize the server space and one months worth of bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth available is the years worth divided by 12. These accounts are great for clients that may run events every couple of months, quarterly or even by-yearly. Create as many publishing points as needed. Unlimited publishing points enables you the ability to run as many live events simultaneously as required. In addition, all services are included. Any new technology added to the AudioVideoweb suite of services will be added and available to your account at no extra charge. Bandwidth not used in a given month will roll over and be added to the next month's bandwidth on the pay date.

Included - All Accounts

    Generate Revenue
  • Pay-Per-View Technology - No Commissions - Immediate Payout
  •      Recurring Subscriptions or Single Use Setups
  • Donate, Fundraising Button - In Player

  • Your Branding
  • White-label & Pre Event Image
  • Ad Free Streaming - No Forced Ads

  • Viewing Options
  • Live & On-Demand - In One Account
  • Auto Archive Your Event - Available Immediately After Event
  • Cast to Your TV - Chromecast | Apple Airplay
  • Simulate a Live Event - Create Playlist, Set Start Time - A Non Stop Loop
  • Viewer Hours - No Limit | Concurrent Viewers - No Limit
  • HTML5 Player - Embeddable - Ad Free or Use Your Own

  • Technical Specifications
  • Unlimited Publishing Points - Unlimited Live Channels
  • Technical Support - Phone & Email 24/7
  • Fast Setup Time - Go Live in 10 Minutes.
  • Load Balanced - Worldwide Data Centers
  • Domain Protection - Referrer Restrictions - Secure Your Links
  • Advanced Analytics - Track Your Audience

  • Have Suggestions?
  • Please let us know!
Your connection is fast, and you have been very helpful.
— Stacey Krejci
U of Illinois

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Your input was definitely a big help. Much appreciated.
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