Auto Archive Your Live Event: Instantly Available After Your Event is Over

Auto Archive Your Live Event

How It Works

Once activated your live events are automatically archived and available for viewing immediately after your event has completed.

Hours of Recording - Bit Rate

Record up to 8 hours of content with a single live stream. What ever bit rate you set your stream to is what the archive file will be set to. You control it all.

It went flawlessly! Technically it was perfect. Not one customer complaint, not a moment of 'dead air.'
— Accu Stats

Options - Setting Up Pay Per View

Once the live event is archived the option to download the file or setup Pay Per View is activated. This will enable you to monetize your content and increase your revenue.

Wow. I needed video hosting quick and in a hurry. I'm lucky: AudioVideoWeb is really great!
— NJ Transit

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