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Simplified Live & Archived Streaming Solutions.
Every technology we offer is included and free of charge.

Account Features

    Generate Revenue
  • Pay-Per-View Technology - No Commissions - Immediate Payout
  •      Recurring Subscriptions or Single Use Setups
  • Donate, Fundraising Button - In Player

  • Your Branding
  • White-label & Pre Event Image
  • Ad Free Streaming - No Forced Ads

  • Viewing Options
  • Live & On-Demand - In One Account
  • Auto Archive Your Event - Available Immediately After Event
  • Cast to Your TV - Chromecast | Apple Airplay
  • Simulate a Live Event - Create Playlist, Set Start Time - A Non Stop Loop
  • Viewer Hours - No Limit | Concurrent Viewers - No Limit
  • HTML5 Player - Embeddable - Ad Free or Use Your Own
  • Select In Player Audio & Video or Audio Only Option

  • Technical Specifications
  • Unlimited Publishing Points - Unlimited Live Channels
  • Technical Support - Phone & Email 24/7
  • Fast Setup Time - Go Live in 10 Minutes.
  • Load Balanced - Worldwide Data Centers
  • Domain Protection - Referrer Restrictions - Secure Your Links
  • Advanced Analytics - Track Your Audience

Pay-Per-View Technology
Convert your content into an instant revenue stream. No Commisions - Immeadiate Payout

Simulate a Live Event
Schedule your On-Demand content to play at specific times.

Account Management System
Total control of your account, including uploads, tracking, billing, and more.

Live Reports
Detailed statistics and tracking for all your content. Updated every 10 minutes.

Itemized Statements (via e-mail)
A fully Itemized description of what you are paying for.

Secured Links – 100%
Protect your content by restricting access to any domain, or requiring passwords.

Tech Support 24/7 – Phone | E-mail
Our friendly staff answers your questions and solves your problems quickly and efficiently.

Load Balancing
Seamlessly deliver to any size audience. Worldwide Distribution

Deliver content to portable devices.

No Setup Fees - No Contracts


I'm very pleased with the ease-of-use and instant availability of your service.
— George Treusch
Netcisive Producer

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