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Faith-Based Streaming Media Solutions

We offer a faith based solution with all the management tools needed to easily stream your events. Accounts include live and on-demand streaming along with all of our additional offerings.

Auto Archive Your Live Event

Live broadcasts can be archived and available for viewing immediately after your event has completed.

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The Button will be live and viewable in the player. Configure multiple preset amounts or let the viewer insert an amount they would like to give.
Donations are one click away.

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Account Features

    Generate Revenue
  • Pay-Per-View Technology - No Commissions - Immediate Payout
  •      Recurring Subscriptions or Single Use Setups
  • Donate, Fundraising Button - In Player

  • Your Branding
  • White-label & Pre Event Image
  • Ad Free Streaming - No Forced Ads

  • Viewing Options
  • Live & On-Demand - In One Account
  • Auto Archive Your Event - Available Immediately After Event
  • Cast to Your TV - Chromecast | Apple Airplay
  • Simulate a Live Event - Create Playlist, Set Start Time - A Non Stop Loop
  • Viewer Hours - No Limit | Concurrent Viewers - No Limit
  • HTML5 Player - Embeddable - Ad Free or Use Your Own
  • Select In Player Audio & Video or Audio Only Option

  • Technical Specifications
  • Unlimited Publishing Points - Unlimited Live Channels
  • Technical Support - Phone & Email 24/7
  • Fast Setup Time - Go Live in 10 Minutes.
  • Load Balanced - Worldwide Data Centers
  • Domain Protection - Referrer Restrictions - Secure Your Links
  • Advanced Analytics - Track Your Audience

Reduced Pricing

We have launched a new Simplified Live & Archived Streaming Solution that Includes All Services & Features. A one size fits all offering that can't be beat.

A Worldwide Audience

Share your message and welcome a worldwide audience to join and to participate in Services with scripture, sermon, communion and more. Whether you're broadcasting to a small local audience or a large, worldwide audience, our robust load-balancing system will seamlessly delivers your broadcast.

Wow. I needed video hosting quick and in a hurry. I'm lucky: AudioVideoWeb is really great!
— NJ Transit

Live And Archived Streaming empowers your faith based organization with live and on-demand Internet audio / video distribution. We provide you with free customizable players that make it simple to add video (or audio) to your website. Managing your content and configuring your player(s) is easy in our point-and-click account management system. Our in-house technical support team is available on your schedule.

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Thanks so much! We have been back on the air for 11 hours now, and it really feels great!
— Chris Roberts
On-Line Radio

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