Scheduled Media Delivery Service: Video Streaming

Set Your Content To Run As A Simulated Live Event

Stream Your Archived Content

If you want to deliver your video and audio content in a "live broadcast" format, our Simulated Live service is perfect. Just upload your files, set the order in which you'd like them to play, schedule a start time, and you're in business! Plus, you can always add more content, or make any other changes, with the click of a mouse.

Increase Viewership

People are used to watching TV and listening to radio, where the content is available at a specific time. Your audience is more likely to watch or listen to content that is streamed "live" than if it is available any time. You can broadcast online just like a professional television or radio station does.

Your connection is fast, and you have been very helpful.
— Stacey Krejci
U of Illinois

Customize The Look And Feel

We provide the delivery; you use your own players, or choose from more than a dozen skins that we provide.


It went flawlessly! Technically it was perfect. Not one customer complaint, not a moment of 'dead air.'
— Accu Stats

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