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AudioVideoWeb Announces a Free Encoding / Transcoding Service

Needham Heights, MA - May 25, 2009 - AudioVideoWeb, a pioneer of digital media delivery for over ten years, today announced a new and automated free encoding / transcoding service for AudioVideoWeb customers. The new service will encode or transcode simultaneously in Windows Media, Flash, Quicktime or Real from all digital formats.

For example, if an account holder already has a media file encoded at 700Kbps in Windows Media (or Flash, or Quicktime or Real, or AVI, or...), and they would like to make it available at other bitrates and/or formats, the new AudioVideoWeb point and click automated service will simultaneously encode / transcode the media file into the desired output bitrate, width and height and which format or formats are selected. As for what kind or kinds of digital video files the new system will encode or transcode, the development team has tested the new system with every digital video format they can think of and so far, all have worked. After encoding / transcoding, users are notified via email that the output video files are ready.

"This is an important upgrade for our customers. With the overall push to higher and higher bitrates, rendering and encoding video can significantly tie up hardware resources. This can be an annoyance for some or a real hardship for others in the middle of "crunch time." I'm very pleased to offer this new service to our customers so they can concentrate more on all those *other* things they need to do!" said Rick Kolow, President and founder of AudioVideoWeb.

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