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AudioVideoWeb Announces Next Generation Internet TV Channel Builder Technology & New Rates

Needham Heights, MA; Dallas, TX – January 2, 2009 – AudioVideoWeb, a pioneer of digital media delivery for over ten years, today announced the newest edition of its Internet TV/Radio Channel Builder Technology. The new edition integrates Flash and Microsoft Silverlight embeddable players with the ability to combine both on-demand and “Channel” lineups that play on a preset schedule. The new players are available free to account holders. AudioVideoWeb also announced a new, lower, rate structure with rates reduced as much as 40% or more.

AudioVideoWeb’s already popular Channel Builder Technology, which makes building a scheduled “Channel” drag-anddrop easy, now goes a step further. In minutes, content publishers can create embeddable multi-channel tabbed players with scrolling-thumbs. The players are available in Flash or Microsoft Silverlight / Windows Media. This is in addition to the single title players already available. Channels can run 24/7. When a user plays the stream, they will view what was scheduled at that time “in progress.” The player can be configured with a rich assortment of live streams, simulated live “Channel” streams as well as streaming or progressive download on-demand content.

"I’m very excited about this new combination and evolution of technologies. This brings capabilities I’ve wanted badly at some of my previous Internet media companies, however, no streaming providers I had talked to could combine all of these features in a single embeddable player. The point-and-click management of these tools will be a boon to todays highly stressed technical staffs. Combined with the new, lower, rate structure, this is a very compelling story during these times when streaming and advertising budgets are tight," said Patrick Seaman, Vice President of Streaming Media Services at AudioVideoWeb.

A live demonstration of the player, combining simulated live and on-demand technology can be seen at:

Program Information and Live Demo
Embeddable Flash / Silverlight Player Skins
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Thanks so much! We have been back on the air for 11 hours now, and it really feels great!
— Chris Roberts
On-Line Radio

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I'm very pleased with the ease-of-use and instant availability of your service.
— George Treusch
Netcisive Producer

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