What our customers say:

Wow. I needed video hosting quick and in a hurry. I tried AudioVideoWeb as a shot in the dark. Either I'm real lucky or AudioVideoWeb is really great or probably both! Great service!
Thanks Jane and Tech Support!
—NJ Transit


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Broadcast your event to any size
audience, any time

Instant access

Need to meet a deadline? Don't worry! Your account is activated less than 10 minutes after you sign up. That's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Plus, once your account is activated, you can begin broadcasting immediately. That's the benefit of AudioVideoweb's "Instant On" network.

Best price- (specials are displayed on the left of every page)

Our prices are competitive with any comparable streaming service. And that doesn't stop when you sign up. Our unique pricing technology automatically upgrades you to the most economical package when your traffic exceeds your current one. You don't have to worry about hidden or sneaky "overage" charges. You're covered!

Plus, you get lots of extras like multiple Flash and Silverlight player skins and 24/7 tech support, in addition to other features. And there are no setup fees or contracts.

Any size audience

Whether you're broadcasting to a small local audience or a large, worldwide audience, our robust load-balancing system frees you up to concentrate on your event, secure in the knowledge that it's getting delivered properly.

Of course, you'll also want to keep track of how many people are attending your event — which is easy with our live streaming reports (updated every 10 minutes).

Unlimited events

You get unlimited publishing points at no extra charge, which means you can run as many events as you want, simultaneously.

Ready to get started?

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ADD-ONS: Additional features that come with, or that can be combined with, your account.

  • Deliver

  • Player Skins – Flash | Silverlight Choose from more than 18 options.
  • Simulated Live Schedule your On-Demand content to play at specific times.
  • Presentations Create online presentations with live video and audience interaction.
  • Chat Real-time, branded chat between all users.
  • Podcasting Deliver content to portable devices like iPods.
  • Manage

  • FREE Transcoding Convert your current formats to Windows Media, Flash, Quicktime and Real – simultaneously.
  • Account Management System Total control of your account, including uploads, tracking, billing, and more.
  • Tech Support 24/7 – Phone | E-mail Our friendly staff answers your questions and solves your problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Load Balancing Seamlessly deliver to any size audience.
  • Event Management Robust tool kit allows you to plan, promote, and control access to your events.
  • Track

  • Live Reports Detailed statistics and tracking for all your content. Updated every 10 minutes.
  • Itemized Statements (via e-mail) Exact description of what you are paying for.
  • Earn

  • Pay-Per-View Convert your Windows Media and Flash content into an instant revenue stream.
  • Resellers Run your own custom-branded CDN.
  • Referrals Make money by referring customers.
  • Save

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contracts – Pay by the Month
  • Upgrade and Downgrade as Needed
  • Pricing | Order
  • Protect

  • Secured Links – 100% Protect your content by restricting access to certain domains, or requiring passwords.
  • Pay-Per-View Convert your Windows Media and Flash content into an instant revenue stream.